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  • monthly replacement contact lens
  • made of highly breathable silicone-hydrogel material
  • CELLIGENT® Technology creates a protective layer that mimics the eye’s natural surface in order to help resist deposits and bacteria
  • uses Water Gradient Technology which allows for nearly 100% water at the surface, allowing for longer lasting comfort with contact lens wear and less dryness symptoms


Existing patients:


No need to enter your prescription! Our doctors will review your file and order the most appropriate parameters for you.


Please note that contact lens parameters do not always match your spectacle parameters due to the proximity of the contact lens to your eye. This is especially true of high prescriptions. Contact lens manufacturing limitations also cannot match the exact specifications of a custom pair of glasses.


Non-existing patients:


Your prescription will be confirmed with you before your order is shipped.


If you have never worn contact lenses before or are unsure of what to order, a contact lens fitting with one of our optometrists is highly recommended before ordering! This is a great opportunity to determine which lenses will be the healthiest and most comfortable for your eyes amongst all the products available on the market. You can request an appointment here.


  • Product Name: Total30 | Manufacturer: Alcon | Parameters: Diameter 14.2 Base Curve 8.4

  • Proper ocular hygiene is important when wearing contact lenses! Please follow contact lens manufacturer instructions carefully when storing, cleaning, and replacing your lenses.

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