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***This product is available for in-store or curbside pick-up only, there is currently no delivery available for our ocular health related products. Please choose in-store pick-up option upon checkout.***


Preservative-free I-DROP® PUR artificial tears with 0.18% viscoadaptive hyaluronan provides long-lasting comfort due to its superior moistening and lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva.

This advanced formulation means fewer daily applications are needed when compared to traditional eye drops.


The specially-designed bottle with one-way valve dispenses a single sterile drop each time, reducing wasted eye drops and eliminates contaminated drops from re-entering the bottle. The blue coloured tip of the eye dropper is helpful in maintaining aim when instilling these eye drops. 


Made with natural, non-toxic biopolymers, I-DROP® PUR is compatible with contact lenses and has been tested by our doctors. This drop is recommended for mild to moderate dry eye symptoms.

I-DROP® PUR viscoadaptive artificial tears (10mL bottle)

    • Manufacturer: I-MED Pharma
    • Active ingredient: 0.18% hyaluronic acid
    • Bottle size: 10mL 
    • Preservative-free
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