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Summer Eye Protection: Polarized Sunglasses

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

While most good quality sunglasses come with adequate UV-protection, not all have polarized lenses built in. What's so important about this extra filter? Read on to find out why our doctors recommend getting your sunglasses polarized!


A polarization filter limits the direction of light entering your eyes. Instead of light rays coming in at all directions, polarized sunglasses generally limit light coming in from only the vertical direction. This reduces glare and extraneous light, which in turn makes the object you are looking at appear clearer.

This effect is especially beneficial when doing the following activities:

  • Driving

  • Playing sports

  • Fishing or other water activities

Often, patients report being able to see the ball better, or see fish underneath the surface of the water when wearing their polarized lenses. On top of that, polarization adds an additional layer of UV protection by limiting excessive light from getting to your eye.


Want to see the difference for yourself with some polarized lenses? Reach out to our clinic via email, text, or phone for a browsing appointment or to book an exam!

By Dr. Peter Chan, OD.


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